Loosing my blogging virginity

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Well, here it is finally, I am about to lose my blogging virginity.  That sounds a bit weird, and possibly rude – especially if you found this page by googling ‘virginity’!  But if you did you’d have left by now…





Seth the Besenji African dog

Seth the Besenji African dog

Fancy Dress party

Fancy Dress party

When I grew up I wanted to be...

When I grew up I wanted to be…

Rather like the real thing, I have thought about this for ages, nearly done it, but not quite.  Bit scary, possibly painful, rather embarassing.  Got to be done though.

It has been suggested that one should write a blog that is interesting, funny, to the point.  Hmm, not sure that I’ll get that right but here goes.  This blog will be about me and my week, but future blogs will be on various topics.  Scroll to the end to see some of them.

So, here goes – I am a photographer, I run a photography business, I am passionate about all things photography.  I have two dream jobs, that of a photographer and of a mum, not necessarily always in that order.   I will blog about the photography side, not the mum side, though that might slip in occasionally!   I have a varied and interesting and often funny life photographing people, weddings, sports, events, schools, pets, product and houses.  Sometimes I get asked what’s my favourite, and the answer is that it’s the very combinationof them all that makes it such an excellent vocation.  I would probably get bored eventually if I just stuck to one type but doing a bit, or a lot, of everything is just a perfect way to spend my working life.

This week has been a good example –

Saturday was photographing a fancy dress 50th party – brilliant theme “What did you want to be when you grow up?”  Great photo opportunities abounding!!  I can highly recommend this as a party theme.  Get’s everyone talking!

Tuesday was a single portrait shoot with my portable studio at a client’s home.  Sarah is the face behind the funky home decor and household items site www.heir-inspired.com.   Her home was so fantastically decorated that once we had done a few ‘studio’ shots using her turquoise small sofa, (wish I had that always to hand!) we went round her house and I photographed her in situ.  This very much reflected her style.  Cool dog there too, which I can never resist, so Seth the dog got in on the act and we had a really lovely morning.  I’m happy to say she is delighted with the results and her site photo now looks as good as the rest of the site.

Thursday was a primary school Year 6 shoot for their graduation album, which I do annually.  Several mad class shots (so much energy they have!) followed by an individual portrait of each of the 55 children – quick, fun and painless for everyone concerned.  Happy memories for them (and me!).

Lots of editing the rest of the week to clear the decks for tomorrow’s wedding shoot with Kate and Henry!  Plenty of preparation required as the weather is set to pour all afternoon! Watch this space for the resulting umbrella shots!!

Half term next week which will see me editing the wedding pictures!

This has been my introductory blog.  I anticipate future ones not being diaries but discussions on various photography related topics, such as

“Colour or black and white?”, I’ll post both and you can decide.

“Why everyone needs a professional portrait of themselves”,

“A selection of  Top 10 tips on how to take better pictures at various events such as weddings, sports events, family occasions, the beach etc”


Phew, so I’ve lost my blogging virginity.  That was pretty painless for me, and not too exhausting, bit embarrassed but one can only get better.   I hope it didn’t leave you feeling a little disappointed…

Practice makes perfect!

Thank you for reading.  Please feel free to comment!



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